Benefits You Get When Using a Dimmer Light Switch

Benefits You Get When Using a Dimmer Light Switch

A dimmer light switch works by providing an adjustable voltage to a conventional light fixture. It is advantageous and beneficial in several ways just because of that functionality. The switch controls the brightness of your light fixture, thereby giving you flexibility, you need in managing the amount of light in a room. In other words, it allows you to dim or brighten up your light, depending on your mood and preference.

One of the best things to know about a dimmer switch by GSME Electrical is that it is not just safe for practical use but also efficient. You do not even need to use separate wiring to install it. Residential dimmer switches come in different types, which in turn could overwhelm you when you are out there trying to purchase one. Nevertheless, know that regardless of the model, the functionality is pretty much the same.

Some of the notable benefits you get from a dimmer switch are:

1 – The use of dimmer switches saves energy.

When you dim light in any room in your house, the act alone saves up to 98% of energy compared to when you don’t use a dimmer switch. For some, it is not that big of a deal, but the truth is you can save up to 10% on your annual energy bill because of a small and cheap dimmer switch by GSME Electrical.

2 – You have better control of your lighting.

Next, using a dimmer light switch means you have much better control over the amount of lighting in every room in your house if you want. You even can buy a modern version of a dimmer light switch that comes equipped with remote control for a more convenient way to manage the lighting. There also is a touch dimmer switch in which you can quickly change the brightness with one press of a button. There are numerous models for your bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

3 – You expect your bulbs to last longer with the use of dimmer light switches.

You probably do not know it, but the use of dimmer light switches corresponds to prolonging the life of your light bulbs. The reason is that if you dim your lights by about 25%, it means you also use less electricity. Accordingly, lamps will last longer with a softer lamp fade. To be specific, you expect a lamp intended to last for about six months to reach up to three years if you install a dimmer switch to it.

4 – You can dim your fluorescent lights, too.

Finally, a modern dimmer switch can dim your fluorescent lights, too. Doing so will transform your room into a more relaxed and calmer indoor environment. However, you do have to know that dimming a fluorescent bulb does not extend its life.